Podcast with Dr Mrcus Curcjia, Thirdi Management and Leigh Bennett

The journey of the Thirdi Management Podcast series is to uncover how stakeholders can achieve more sustainable results. To this end, for the second episode, it was appropriate to explore ‘resilience’ because as a society we are currently looking to emerge from this pandemic with a new, more profound appreciation for leadership and recovery practices. Many communities across Australia and in Asia have called upon Leigh Bennet, Executive Director, Leadership Solutions Consultant and Facilitator for The Institute for Tourism Leadership Australia, to design and deliver their resilient leadership and mentoring capacity building programs. Through his guidance, these communities are emerging stronger than prior to the pandemic because now they have the tools to overcome adversity and recover personally, organisationally, and as a community. In this episode, Leigh discusses how in order to achieve the sustainable outcomes that we desire as a society, as an organisation, or even personally, we need to be able to recover – to “bounce back” from issues and challenges in a productive, meaningful way so that those around us are inspired to focus on positive impact solutions. Leigh also explores his integrated approach to understand, assess, and build personal resilience, which includes the ability to recover and respond with commitment and optimism.. In addition to being a highly sought after Resilience mentor, Leigh was asked to be come onto the Podcast because of his keen ability to speak very thoroughly and knowledgeable about a subject. Listening to this show, it will become evident as to why Leigh has made a career out of facilitating outcomes for councils, organisations, and stakeholder groups.

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