Frequently Asked Questions

Where are ITLA’s courses/programs delivered?

We come to you! When we deliver any of our programs, we ensure that they are either delivered in person by means of workshops or one on one mentoring sessions in your respective destination, business or a venue of your choice. Alternatively, and often in addition to face to face, we conduct coaching sessions and peer to peer learning groups via online conferencing software such as Zoom. In all cases, we provide flexibility and will rollout programs in a timely manner that suits you best.

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Are ITLA’s courses accredited?

We offer our accredited Tourism focused Diploma of Leadership and Management. The remaining suite of programs and courses we offer are not accredited.

How long does a course/program take?

We offer a variety of programs that all offer varying duration periods. Our Diploma typically takes place across a 6 month period (diligent students have been known to complete it faster!), Regional Leadership Programs typically take place across a 4 month period as does the Tourism Leaders Program, and our Executive Wellness Leadership Program takes place across an approximate 3 month period. We do also offer a series of stand alone, one day workshops focused on a range of tourism leadership topics.

Can courses/programs be personalised to suit the needs of individual businesses, organisations and regions?

Absolutely! Not only can it be done, we push to make it happen. We believe a large reasoning behind our programs’ success has been our focus on program personalisation. The ‘cookie cutter’ approach - whilst it may be easier, simply does not meet the needs of individual tourism businesses, stakeholders and regions. We are all different, we have different goals, ambitions, challenges, opportunities and all these factors are taken into account when developing your program.

How much leadership/management experience do I need to be able to participate in one of ITLA’s programs?

None! We cater for all - ranging from Senior Executives with decades of experience, to professionals who are new to the tourism workforce and have ambitions to fulfil their tourism leadership potential. Our ability to personalise our approach again contributes to our success in coaching and mentoring all tourism professionals - regardless of how many years they have worked in the sector.