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Tourism is incredibly complex – there are a myriad of stakeholders we work with in the sector and as such, having the confidence and strategies to confidently navigate this network whilst growing successful tourism businesses, regions and sectors is something we can provide in a manner that is fun and engaging – tourism is a fun sector to work in!

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ITLA and Collective Leadership

ITLA believes that regional tourism needs to embrace inclusive and collective leadership to build on social capital. Successful tourism relies on the ability of key players to identify potential tourism resources and attractions within communities whilst facilitating responsible tourism and community development.
Leigh Bennett, Director, ITLA
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Our Coaching Approach

We frame everything in a strengths-based approach, use powerful questions and coaching to draw out key themes and insights, and connect these to the individual’s goals, motivations and professional workplace context.
Robbie Cornelius, Director, ITLA
Leigh Bennett provided intensive executive coaching with me at a time of career transition and opportunity. The coaching program led to a number of development opportunities that helped to broaden my career, including taking on Executive positions, and I credit the coaching program, and its focus on the development of my self-awareness and emotional intelligence, to my progression to my current senior position. I have always found Leigh's work insightful and his executive coaching of myself gave me the skills and confidence to not only further my career but also have a positive influence on my life outside of the workplace.
Mark Vanner, Director, Queensland