Regional Tourism Leadership Programs

Create ‘Regional Champions’ amongst your tourism sector, through a regionally specific program that includes a series of full day workshops and executive one on one coaching. This program is ideal for all tourism stakeholders – operators, councils, RTOs and LTOs who can choose the balance of focus between leadership traits, experience development, understanding trade, a roadshow or a combination!

We constantly research the best leadership models that are both practical and relatable for people in the sector. Our workshop approach is inclusive – we don’t judge and recognise the talents of all. We embrace peer and group learning and ensure that in each session we Think Big, Get Stuff Done and Have Fun!

Our leadership models are also evolving from the need to address cyclones, bushfire and drought impacts. Themed programs include:

  • Inclusive Leadership

    Inclusion requires that everyone's contributions be valued, that individuals, regardless of their diversity, have the opportunity to do their best work and advance.

  • Resilient Leadership

    Builds a more robust destination, brings enhanced cross-industry planning and makes collaboration a reality, allowing planning for collective action on the impact of disruptive events or economic challenges.

  • Wellness Leadership

    Wellbeing involves having positive self image and esteem, connection. Resilience, which is directly related to wellbeing, is about having the ability to cope with and adapt to new situations.

I took part in the Mackay Tourism Futures Leadership program and found The Institute for Tourism Leadership Australia’s leadership modules highly applicable to my workplace and those challenges we face. The ITLA team’s relaxed style and non-judgemental approach meant the participants quickly overcame any anxiety, were respected, embraced and connected with throughout. For me the highlights were the opportunity to broaden my self-awareness and develop my teamwork skills even further. I found the 1:1 coaching very valuable as it helped to reinforce the lessons from the classroom and allowed the opportunity to discuss these in more detail.
Scott Jones, Marketing Officer, Mackay Regional Council