Tourism Futures Leadership Mentoring Program

Develop your own leadership skills or those of your staff through this 3 month, interactive online program which develops innovative, engaged and inspiring senior managers to meet your workplace and personal growth challenges. We offer a Leaders Forum virtual classroom around 3 vital leadership themes, alongside 1:1 mentoring for each participant.

The Tourism Leader’s Program is a great program for leaders to increase their knowledge in emotional intelligence and relationship management. I have found the skills learned have given me the ability to understand my staff better, in order to create a better working environment. It has increased my abilities to manage dynamic and influential relationships, which has had a positive impact on the region and organisation. I would recommend this course to any tourism leader looking at furthering their skills and professional relationships.
Tas Webber, CEO, Mackay Tourism Ltd
Participating in the Tourism Leader’s Program was perfectly timed in my role leading a team of staff and volunteers. The course has given me insights and practical tools to make better strategic decisions for the business and more productive interactions with all levels of my team. I have been able to peel back my ‘professional’ layers in a confidential, comfortable space to allow me to evaluate my emotional intelligence and understand how to become the best leader I can be. By identifying and understanding my own behaviour and that of others in the team, it helped me improve how I perceive myself and how I am perceived by my team. Sharing experiences with other tourism leaders and their dealings has given me trusted methods in how I can adapt and implement those actions within my team.
Emily Cleaver, VIC Coordinator, Bundaberg Tourism